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Act I Scene II

Born in Stockport, Mike Moor studied at Grimsby School of Art and at Cheltenham School of Art, where he specialised in painting and printmaking; he subsequently gained a Master of Arts Degree at Bretton Hall College.

His work has been described by a critic as a ‘…strange and mysterious collection of images…which emerge from the darkness of the tangle of crisscross lines to remind us of dreams, fantasies and memories’.

The series of work features dry point etchings based on and inspired by the Northern City of Leeds. There are numerous references to buildings sculptures and monuments found in the centre of Leeds. These may include just one element taken from a more complex work.

‘There is barely a street in the centre of Leeds that doesn’t have an inspired piece of architecture, monument, caryatid, or façade, or detail of some sort and this is before we get to the collections of the Leeds City Gallery and Henry Moore Institute. It’s to this wealth of images and forms that I wanted to pay homage’.

The process that Mike chooses to execute the work is integral.

‘The best way to pay homage to a work of art is to take the time to look at it, and a good way to do that is to try to draw it or etch from it. For me dry-point is the most direct and visceral form of intaglio printmaking, akin to engraving, as there is no involvement with acid or wax grounds. Marks are scratched directly onto a copper, zinc, or aluminium plate using a sharpened steel tool. Arthur Boyd in his bold dry-points gouged with a stanley knife, making deliberate use of the difficulty in controlling this tool. Here, a dry-point needle has been used for the opposite reason’.

A recurring theme in Mike’s work concerns Outsiders and the search for connectivity and refuge. Mike believes that people are rarely lone outsiders, in the city there’s a place for collective difference. On one level this series of work is also about the cosmopolitan cultural experience being the odd marriage of different architectural styles and art works from different periods.

1966 Born in Stockport, Cheshire

1970 Family moved to Grimsby, South Humberside

1985/86 Studied at Grimsby School of Art

1986/89 Studied at Cheltenham School of Fine Art, graduating in painting and printmaking

1989 Travelled throughout Britain working as a pig, dairy & sheep farmer; factoryworker and builder’s labourer.

1990 Moved to Antigua, West Indies and worked before living self-sufficiently in the mountains. Sailed to Spain in a yacht with a friend.

1991/92 Worked on farms throughout Europe before returning to Britain

1993 Set up studio at home equipped for etching

1995-96 Moved to Ilkley and worked as a postman. Completed Masters Degree in Fine Art Printmaking at Bretton Hall. Commissioned to illustrate ‘Angel’ by Wayne Owens for Ediciones Actaeon.

1996-97 Travelled around Spain, whilst working on commission.

1997-00 Moved to Leeds and worked for West Yorkshire Foundaries. Continues to exhibit periodically including the Leeds Art Fair. .

2000-03 Worked as a Care Assistant and the following year as a Day Centre Officer for people with learning difficulties.

2004 Moved to Otley and converted garage into a painting and printmaking studio. Started job share with the Social Services, spending the first part of the week working in studio. Exhibited at the Leeds Art Fair.

City of Fragments Act I Scene II

Dry Point. Prints are in an edition of 5, with 2 artists proofs (A/P) of each plate. Printed on heavy Banks Cream paper.