Paintings by Margaret Shields

15 September 2015

Margaret Shields was born and brought up in Middlesborough. She studied at Middlesborough College of Art and also the Royal Academy of Music, London.

Her first exhibition was with The New Staithes Group in the 1960s and since then she has regularly exhibited both in the UK and abroad. In 1989 she won the Northern Arts Bursary for painting.

A consummate draughtsman, her sketchbooks are full of fascinating urban subjects and she particularly enjoys the clash of old and new in modern life. Her studio is in the seaside town of Saltburn and her paintings portray the various activities of the East coast town: riding, beach combing, sunbathing and battling the storms.

Anyone who has visited the East Coast of England with its epic skies and churning grey, green sea or the surrounding industrial cities will recognise her inspiration. She is a painter of great sensitivity and integrity. Her work is contemplative, poetic, at times humorous and always authentic.