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John Martin’s Paradise Lost Engravings

John Martin was born in Hayden Bridge, Northumberland in 1789. He was a highly imaginative English painter and printmaker and one of the leading Romantic artists. He exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1811 and gained huge success and acclaim for his apocalyptic, religious images such as The Fall of Babylon and The Overthrow of […]


Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

David Hockney had always loved the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales and in 1969 decided to make a suite of 39 etchings for six of his favourite tales.


New Paintings by Simon Gilpin

Simon Gilpin was born in 1976 in Leeds and studied fine art at Bretton College, Wakefield. Growing up in Yorkshire his work was influenced by both the surrounding landscape as well as the proximity of housing estates and inner city buildings. This is still a feature of his work. Another influence was the work of […]